Pietro Massignan

Associate professor
Campus Nord (UPC), Edifici B4-B5, Despatx B4-211
Jordi Girona, 1-3
08034 Barcelona

Telèfon: +34 934011837
E-Mail: pietro.massignanupc.edu
Web del grup de recerca: https://bqmc.upc.edu/
Web personal: http://www.fen.upc.edu/users/pietro/


I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist dealing with problems at the intersection of atomic physics, quantum optics, photonics, solid state physics and bio-physics.

My main field of interest is the theory of ultracold quantum gases, where I work at understanding and engineering novel states of matter. My current research aims at studying static and out-of-equilibrium properties of magnetic, superfluid, topological, and strongly-interacting phases. To address this challenging physics, I attack problems from both the few-body and the many-body sides, using mostly diagrammatic techniques and variational Ansätze.

Most recently, I focused specifically on models with non-trivial topological features implemented in ultracold atoms, as well as in photonic, polaritonic and other condensed matter setups. I am also actively investigating quasiparticle physics, superfluid vortex dynamics, together with intriguing effects generated by periodic-driving, strong losses and disorder.